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Step into the haven that is Aulani, where the cerulean sea meets glittering white sands and where fantasies come alive. As you gear up for a stay at Aulani, one key consideration is room selection. This guide provides a comprehensive view of the distinctive Aulani room types.

A Resort with a Multitude of Details

Aulani, a Disney Resort and Spa, isn’t just your ordinary vacation spot. It engulfs you in the rich Hawaiian culture, sprinkled with enchanting Disney magic. Surrounded by majestic peaks, verdant vegetation, and awe-inspiring beaches, Aulani offers a myriad of room choices mirroring the surrounding diversity.

Examining the Variety of Unforgettable Aulani Room Types

Standard Rooms

Standard rooms cater to those seeking indulgent comfort, sans additional features. Harmoniously blending tranquility with modern sophistication, they offer serene views of the pool or the ocean, setting the perfect stage for your dream vacation.

Studio Rooms

For those in search of an upgrade, studio rooms offer extra space and a handy kitchenette. Effortlessly merging coziness with utility, they make an optimal selection for longer stays.

One Bedroom Suites

One bedroom suites uplift your stay with a private living room, a fully-equipped kitchen, and a washing machine. Wake up to captivating ocean views and enjoy a piping hot cup of coffee in the snug living room.

Two-bedroom Villas

Designed to cater to larger families or groups, two-bedroom villas offer ample space spread across multiple rooms. Featuring extra amenities, such as full-service kitchen and dining area, they transform your vacation into a more homely experience.

Signature Suites

Signature suites exemplify unparalleled luxury. With multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, separate living and dining areas, and a kitchen, they truly embody opulence.

Facilities Enhancing the Aulani Room Types

Regardless of the room type you choose, at Aulani, every visitor is treated to an extensive array of amenities. From swimming in one of the many pools to indulging in gourmet dining options, the Aulani experiences extend beyond rooms.

Recreational Opportunities

Aulani resort provides countless leisure activities. Soak in the sun on the sandy beach, take a plunge in one of the swimming pools, or chill at the renowned Rainbow Reef, O’ahu’s exclusive private snorkeling lagoon.

Exquisite Cuisine

Featuring various on-site dining establishments, every meal at Aulani turns into a culinary adventure. Whether you fancy fine dining or casual lounges, the resort satisfies all taste preferences.

Ultimate Relaxation

For the perfect unwinding, book a session at the Laniwai Spa. Offering an array of therapies, the spa serves as a sanctuary for those seeking calm.

The Disney Charm

Aulani presents unique Disney experiences like encountering Disney characters, Disney movie nights, and Aunty’s Beach House, a state-of-the-art kids club.

The Cultural Embodiment

Interlaced within Aulani are the rich Hawaiian customs and culture. Guests can experience traditional Hawaiian arts and crafts, listen to local storytelling sessions, or join the evening Aulani Hula.


Certainly, Aulani is a mesmerizing mix of natural elegance and Disney charm. Each room type caters to varied guest needs and preferences. Whether you opt for a standard room or choose a lavish signature suite, an unforgettable experience awaits you at Aulani.

Unforgettable Aulani room types

So, why wait? Embark on a captivating Hawaiian escapade with the unique room types of your choice at Aulani.

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